In Gacha Life, there are 108 different NPC characters.

Everyone has their own Quiz and you can unlock it by reaching level 5 with each NPC. The cost each attempt at a Quiz is 50 stamina but you earn 10 stamina per correct answer and 500 if you correctly answer all 10 different questions.

The first time you finish the Quiz of a NPC you win Level represented by a Star.

Answers Edit

Scarlet; Red Colorblind; Black; Animals; Helped him cross the road; September 11; MAYMAY MACHINE; Bow-kun no Peacoat; Konodera; Brown.

  • Ali: Water;10.The; Sphnix; 0; Snakes; Baba; 117; Southeasty; Night; Ancient Scroll.
  • Alexa

Jet Black; Left; Read; Pepper; Red's Anatomy; Lattes; Tennis; Fam and Pals; Violin; Autumn. Ali: Water; 10; The Sphinx; 0; Snakes; Baba; 117; Southeast; Night; Ancient Scroll.

  • Alisa:

Deterioration; Purple; Crow; Halloween; Luni; Horror; Broomstick; *runs*; Strawberry; Cat.

Eileen; Apple cider; Kitty; Halloween; Princess; Ghosts; Sit by the fire; Amber; Cheesecake; Spiders.

  • Bex:

Chickie Nuggies; Initial P; Purple; February 14th; Cat; Winter; Claw games; Cotton candy; Sweets; Animating

  • Bijuu Mike: Grandma; 7; Controller; Gacha Ball

Z; Charuto; Front flip; Your Chemical Romance; Anime; Tsundere simulator; DD.

  • Brody:

Reading; Lobster; Fish; Truck; My headphone; Sunny days; Surf; Sunflowers Street; Bass; My sunglasses.

  • Caleb:

Photographer; Pudding; A haircut; Black; Four leaf clover; Freckles; 125; Recess; Basketball; Go fish.

  • Candie;

Pink; Lollipops; Donuts; My gerbil; Lunch; Sabrina; Apple picking; Braces; Bunnies; Ducky Charms.

  • Carma: Panda; Light Blue; Burgers; Devon; 18;

Dana; I dont like it; My friend Dana got me into it; Clara; Park;

  • Casper:

A ghost; Friendly; Carter; A basketball player; Patches; Decorating cookies; Frankenshin; Veggie smoothies; 3 years ago; No way!.

  • C.C.:

Blair; Creepy Cutie; Joel; 4; My home tried to get rid of me; Cake and Sweets; I look more human when I don't talk; I don't know; A Friend; Nowhere I have no Home.

  • Charlotte:

Sister; Gacha world; The Ban Hammer; Nothing; Horrible; Caterpillars; 12; Robot; Teacher; 5.

  • Chloe: Single; Gym; Brown; 45 minutes; Green;

Bank; Water; Cats; America; Gacha de Plum.

  • Chrono:

Antarctica; Cutlass; Blackbeard; Skull and crossbones; Sharks; Orange; Gunpower; 8; Seasickness; Leg.

  • Coral:

A mermaid; Croissants; To live in the Beach; Swim with dolphin; Starfish; Thrift shopping; Coffee shops; Ariel; The ocean; Spicy soup.

  • Crystal:

Accuracy; Apples; Goblins; Emerald; Golf; Grandmother; Birthday cakes; Sing; 14; Oak.

  • Daisy:

Rin; Stole them from ichi; digital art; March 16th; March 15th; Lady; Catman reborn; Beret; Watermelons; Purorange

  • Damian:

Red; None; My master; Karate; 5; Wheat; Scissors; Evasion; I can't Swim; Butterfly.

  • Emma:

Cupid; Singing; Valentine's day; Ribbons; 3; Hot Chocolate; The Power of Love; Pink; Orchids; Dove.

  • Enzo:

Space Fight; Travel across space; Asteroid Diamonds; Saturn; Xenos; Amusement Parks; The Explorer; Comets; Monkey; See my brothers.

  • Ezra:

Red; Rain; A pink hospital; Kai; Pianist; A black strip; Japan; Mozart; Lang Lang; Riding the Subway.

  • Felicity:

Dress-Up; Kuma; 100; Princess; Look both ways; Ears; Purple; Double rainbow; Mommy's back; 12.

  • Feng:

Director; Hockey; Yes, taekwondo; My brother; Mac n cheese; The city; Brownies; Violets; Hip-Hop; Blonde.

  • Fierin:

SMILE SMILE SMILE; This is easy, its Wafflestory2; We all know that you're Nocturnal Fierin...; deoressed BexFei; Piercings! Although it just makes you look scary, not cool; Meeting Bex and becoming friends; Sky blue; Great white shark; Bex's tail is actually part of her hoodie; Strawberry Acai with coconut milk.

  • FlashyKlau:

Ezra; Hot Air Balloons; Cookie dough; Fox; Orange; Heaven; Pink; Pink; Blue; Hehe.

  • Frosty:

Walking; A Carrot; Flowers; Red; Fresh air; Milk Buds; Cuddle up by the Fire; Gossip Gal; Sit at the Park; Baseball.

  • FuuKuma:

TACO CHALUPAS; Any pastel color; JonJon's Bizarre Journey; Libra; Bioshook 2; Halloween; Beary punny; Senpaibuns; Brown or Pink; Cherry Vanilla.

  • Gabriella: 3 years; Winter; Wildcat; Basketball; Olympics; Cartwheel

flip; 11; Cheery; The Beach; 30 minutes.

  • Hannah:

Virgo; Selling bananas; Cooking; Positivity; Fashion designing; Design the clothes; Vanilla; Outside in nature; The insiders; Cumulonimbus.

  • Hime-sama:

Rockstar-Chan; Bass; Love; She's Passionate and Endearing; I was bored; Rockstar-chan; Love Stars; Music Room; After the band was formed; Half hearted lazy people.

  • Horus:

Fossils; Dust Storms; Cactus; Oasis; Spits; Alpaca; O; 28; Nomad; 3.

  • Inxanity: Inx; Pastel Colours; Ramune; Inochi; All of the options; Editor; Halloween; Halloween; My Neko Academia; Chicken Katsu Curry.
  • Jade:

Gachamart; Rainbows; Screech; Black; Happy ones; Glasses; Music; Bubble gum; Cloudy; Burn ants.

  • Jae:

Anime gacha; Assassin; Seeing blood; Emeralds/Diamonds; Rain; 300 pounds; Cheetah; Mercury; Uta no Luni-sama; Emerald green.

  • Janitor

Bob: Chef; Spaghetti; Italy; Clogged Toilets; Abel; Pizza; Leanig Tower of pisa; 10; 21-7-32; Put on pajamas.

  • Joel:

Pastel Pink!; Sweaters; C.C. , Hime, and Rockstar; You and everyone here!; uwu; Twitch Streamers and Artist!; Nov. 30th; Winter; Toga ******; Isekai's and MMO's.

  • Kai:

Spiders; Cheese; Indie; Swimming; Early morning; Dog; Ice; Jumping off a windows; Shopping; Contacts.

  • Kat:

Ngoc and Moe; A magical eye; Hamster; Ozuuuuu!; Blue; With a mouse; A great artist & magical girl; Sing; Tsu; Night.

  • Kinen:

Kitties and bunnies; A marshmallow palace; 3 year old; Marshmallows; The Gumdrop Forest; Pastel Blue; 2014; Drawing, Singing and Music; Melancholic Dreamer; High Value Number.

  • Kleopatra:

Pharaoh; Gold; 3; Snakes; Crocodiles; Gacha King; Carriage; Papyrus; Sun; Coconuts.

  • Lado:

Sushi; Wander; Can't move; Mischief; Spicy; Toy car; Yarn ball; Bats; Whiskers; 22.

  • Leafu:

Dachshund; Bubble Gum; October 17th; Fall; Bokemon; Pink; Heights; 20; RPG games; Sing.

  • Lemo:

Lemonade; Ghosts; Games; Lado; Low; Night; Green; Quiet; 10 hours; Hearing.

  • Lily (Bamboo Walkway):

$1,000; Gacha Studio; Kimono; College; Movies; Figure Skating; 5,000; Fashion; Nurse; Country.

  • Lily (School Courtyard): Muu; November the 7th; He's always pollen your leg; Lily; Sokechu; Gersona; Gdom; Doggo; Sky Blue; Sleep.
  • Lotus:

Stars; Roses; Makeup videos; Pastels; Acai bowls; Watches; Bird watching; Style hair; coffee cakes; Quilt.

  • Luca:

Bass; 4; Blue; Brazil; Writing; Gacha Memories; Stadium; Rock; Motorcycle; 200.

  • Luni:

230; Blue; Pat; Ducks!; Anime Gache!; Dodge ducks; Anime figures; April 23rd; Mouse; Quack.

  • Lusa:

Lusa!!!; Lusa!; Lusa!!!!; Wich one is it?; Lusa..........; Lusallllllllll; Lusa__; Lusa Lusa Lusa Lusa Lusa Lusa Lusa Lusa; Lusa~~; llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll (x62 l).

  • Magical Luni: Duck!; Duck~; Duck^; Dûck; Dùck; Dûck; Duck owu; Duck;; Flying!; /Duck/.
  • Midori; 100 Billion; -89,6*C; A 'school' of fish; Moosic; Like and

ice-cube; No U; no; Yes U; By compressing carbon; The last question.

  • Misty:

4; History; Black; Tutor; Speech team; Anime Club; 7; 10 points; Northwest; Dolphins;

  • Mizumi:

Penguin; Swim; Rainy; Water and Fish; Shy; Beach; Goldfish; Cookies; Water; Controlling weather.

  • m o [ 3; 4; 1; 5; 5; 2; 2; 3; 4 ]: Answer; ?; Yes;

i m, m o; bones; schmelly; w oo f?; f o r k k; mdhgao; s t a y.

  • Moe: SOFT;

Video games; 1000/minute; Ngoc and Kat; Pranking; A magical girl; Pointy things; Coins; Singing; Night.

  • Morgana:

Black; 666; The Underworld; Witch; Sadness and Sorrow; Licorice; Bats; Sweaters; Sleep; Mom.

  • Mr.

Principal: 13; Two; Waldo's Basics; 2 hours; Turtle; 2 sugars 1 cream; None; Reading; Donuts; In Front.

  • Mumble:

L87 Onyx; Matriarchal; 80-90; To trick prey; 100 miles; Through their Blowhole; Toothed whales; Orcinus orca; Apex predator; 400 pounds.

  • m u u [ 2; 5; 4; 4; 3; 5; 1; 1; 5; 4; 4; 4; 3; 1; 2; 2; 1; 3; 5 ]: I didn't see anything; NGOCMOKAT; Flower; 4/44; Graveyard; Youkai; Eye; MACCHA / KINAKO MOCHI ICE; The other side flower; Flying souls.
  • Nemu:

RPGs and Visual Novel; Sleep; Rabbits; Cloud; Energy; Shoes; Day; Gray; -8.00; Veterinarian.

  • Ngoc: Moe and

Kat; 15 hours; Doggos; Watching Maruto!; Be a ninja!; Viet; PRETTIEST; Math; tôi biết tiếng việt!; Yes

  • Nikki

Nii: Nikki Nii; Music; Cautious; Thunder; Energetic; Pastel; Taro; None; New terms; Vii.

  • Nurse

Luck: Model; 3; The Philippines; RNG; Sushi; Gachatube; 6; 5; Honey Water; 100 Gems.

  • Otto:

Gachanite; KPOP; Tennis; Math; Pablo; Green; Turtle; Sugar cookies with springless; 2 weeks; An astronaut.

  • Pat:

Shark; Football; Rock; Grapes; Over easy; Chocolate; Venus; History; Brownies; Iced tea.

  • Patches;

Patches; Zinderella; A comedian; Positivity; Smashing Gourds; My birthday; New places; Soccer; Sushi; Green.

  • Pawket:

Sing; PiccPawket Bandits; Picc; A bow; A raccoon; A PopStar; Pink; The Fans; Kalimba; Losing my voice.

  • Picc:

Guitar; PiccPawket Bandits; Pawket; 7; Being on stage with pawket; Music; Eurobeat; Self-thaught; The best Musician; The music.

  • Pixie:

Gemini; Luni; Sparkling water; Napping; Cheerleading; Taller; Cinderella; Green; Camera; Kindness.

  • Phantom:

Bones; Cats; Water; Classical; Ribbons; Purple; August; DJ X; Luni x Pat; A Blue person.

  • Po:

Ping Pong; 4; 20 minutes; Wind; Cricket; Fire; Meditate; Elders; Feng Shui; Green Tea.

  • Prof. Gacha:

Time Machine; Teacher; Mouse; Shaken; Frog; Smartest; Uranium; Luni; Spinach; 6 PM.

  • Qing

[Bug]: Cello; Singing; Carrots; Carrot cake; Green; Picture books; Crab; Glitter; Christmas; Witch of Noz.

  • Radd: Pizza; Animating; Ukulele; 23rd Nov; :^); SenpaiArtz; Fruit juice; Cat; Radd x senpaibuns (senpaibun made me say this); Rain.
  • Rambo

Nyan Kitty: Tiger; April 20; United States of Apurrica; Sailor Lune; Pawtato; Bubble Tea; Orenjii; Purrcy and Pawlly; Fleas Witherspoon; My pawn.

  • Ramunade [3,1,5,2,4,4,3,1,5]: Yes!!;

Totally; yah boy; NO!; I think you are boy; You are; wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (w*22); Was good; Correct; Luni-san

  • Rin:

October 15th; Jemimah; Bat and owl; Money; White; Cthlulu knight girls; Ellie; Mallory; Ichi; Heather.

  • Rockstar-chan:

Shy; Music was my parent; Eve's; An older kid at my orphanage gave me his MP3; RE:OL; Since i was an orphan; Hime; None! I love all Music; Love Stars; Hime.

  • Rudolf:

Carrots; Frosty; A frappe; Baby goat; New languages; Travel; An actor; My flying test; Rocks; Coloring.

  • Sabrina:

Turtlenecks; My Mom; Ombre; I have an active imagination; Black Friday; Cleaning; Bagels; Gacha land; Maroon; English.

  • Sakura:

Pink; The Lord of the RNGs; Pop; Picnic; Cherry blossom; Salad; Ireland; Tennis; The dark; 4.

  • Sandy:

Coffee candies; Gacha O's; My sister's; Meet new people; Makeup skills; Elsa; Pineapple; Herbs; The Dollar store; Yellow.

  • Santa:

Sugar; Red; Read a Book; Mittens; Rudolph; Snow; Singing; Winter; Deck the Walls; Take a bath.

  • Satsuna:

Bees; Stars; Honey tea; Leaving him in the middle of a Horror Maze; 20; Wei; Luni on ICE; You can transform into a dragon; Head in the clouds; I&N.

  • Selena: Gemini;

Student; 1 hour; Necklace; Blue; Pizza; Artist; Cat; 9 PM; 30 seconds.

  • Senpai Arts: Radd; Buns; Torta; Momo; Apr 13th; Penguins; Ciel Phantombees; Snow Fox; Hecc Nu; 5'2 1/2.
  • Senpaibuns:

Cat; Pink; Narwhal; Sleep Powers; Clouds; Swimming; Sushi; Stuffed animals; Drawing; Lado.

  • Serenity:

Milk; 6; Kitty; Green; Catnip; Grandpa; Neko gacha; Sheep; Minnows; 10.

  • Shadow:

Brainwashing; Transylvania; Sol; Ravens; Phantom; Gachanati; 11; Claws; Apple; 27.

  • Sparky:

Yu-Guy-Oh; March 16th; 9999999 atk, 0 def, 1 hp; Melon bread; The luniverse; Carolina; You like seeing your creations; Australia; Japanese; Daisy.

  • Spongey; Cat; A lot; ( ° °); Angel; Cute! <3; Pink; Tea; Cosplay; Love; Forkknife dance.
  • Spring:

Tulip; A Hipster; Forest fires; My Future; Napping; Blu; Eyeshadow palettes; Dragons; Boba Tee; Send pictures.

  • Squidi:

Bloop; From my dad; 7000; Everyone; Making everyone happy; Sleeveless hoodie; Philippines; By hanging in his pond; On a boat; A group to help people;

  • Sugarplum:

Plum; Dogs; Winter; Recess; Water; My wand; Noodles; Pink; Salad; Take pictures.

  • Summer:

Vegetarian: On the beach; Pranks; Almond milk latte; Volleyball; Fall asleep; Squirrels; Sunglasses; California; J.K. Hollings.

  • SuperBrian25; Boba; Boba Boba; BobaBobaBobaBobaBobaBoba (x6); Boba!; Boba123@Boba.Boba; Yes duh; Mendy's 444; Ngoc pick me up; I like anime girls!!!; Can't see.
  • Sweetgum:

Skull; Black; Horror; Watermelon; Science; O; Tarantula; My face; Anime; 42.

  • Takeshi: Gacha;

Whale; 2D; Rock n' Roll; Warrior; Instant Ramen; Pillow; Manga; Gachamon's cards; 1.

  • Tarik:

Chicken; 22; Energy; Fly; Rapper; Quicksand; Cows; 50; City; Parkour.

  • Thorn:

Chef; Angels; None; Rain; Meat; Demon King Day; 17; Holy Water; Night; Whistle.

  • Troy: Kugari;

7; 11; Bolt; 10 feet; Point Guard; Cheetah; Dribblez; Math; Neon City Lunatics.

  • Wei:

Beef Jerky; Cheesecake; Rover; You like to pull pranks; February 5; Bamboo Forest; Two Tattoo's on both arms; Lunesword Online; English & Chinese; Aloe.

  • Winter:

Red; Shovel snow; Chutney; Sugarplum; Snowflaks; Coffee; Black; Halloween; Skiing; White, after snow.

  • Yukina:

Lollipop; Carrot; Idol; France; Red; Galaxy clouds; Winter; Snow; Socializing; Jpop.

  • Yuni:

Lemo; Cute; Sweets; Cherries; Snakes; Rainbows; Fortune Telling; 3; Cheerful; Friend.

  • Xenos:

2; 3; 2; 12; W; None; Dinner; At night; Xenos; Probably not.


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