The correct answers' for Luni's quiz Edit

Câu hỏi: Tôi yêu nhau và Hướng dẫn? Bài thơ gôm bài hát: 4.230

Question: You know my favorite color....right? Answer: Blue

Câu hỏi: Ai là ... bạn trai của tôi? Cộng sản: Ramunade

Question: My favorite animal is obviously... Answer: Ducks

Question: What's the big game I made for Lunime? Answer: Anime Gacha!

Question: What do you have to do in my minigame? Answer: Dodge Ducks

Question: What kind of collection do I have? Answer: Anime Figures

Question: When is my birthday? Answer: April 23rd

Question: What do I use to draw my art with? Answer: Mouse

Question: Quack? Answer: Quack

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