Gacha Club Information Edit

Gacha Club got released on 30th of June 2020 for Android, while the iOS version was out in August. The PC version got already released, on 10th of July. Gacha Club even has bunch of new features! They are: Hand Gestures, Clubs, More Customization, Updated Profile and many more. Gacha Club is actually Gacha Life 2.

Clubs Edit

These are all the clubs that you can participate and select your OC's favorite club:

  • Club All Stars
  • Club Bamboo
  • Club Bubble Tea
  • Club Candy
  • Club Danger
  • Club Dreams
  • Club Duck
  • Club Glitch
  • Club Knight
  • Club Magic
  • Club Neko
  • Club Phantom
  • Club Potato
  • Club Rhythm
  • Club Rose
  • Club UWU
  • Club Vinyl
  • Club Whale
  • Club X
  • Club Lore
  • Club Dragon
  • Club Cyan
  • Club Schmelly
  • Club Kawaii
  • Club Legend
  • Club Fluffy
  • Club Rainbow
  • Club Gamer
  • Club Cosplay
  • Club Wind
  • Club Water
  • Club Fire
  • Club Dark
  • Club Light
  • Club Galaxy
  • Club Neon
  • Club Pastel
  • Club Gachatubers

How to join a club?Edit

To join a club ingame, you go to the Profile section, then click "Favorite Title." Then you select the name of the club you want to join.

Presets Edit

There are like A LOT of pages with so many presets! There are even some Youtubers such as Wolfychu and Bijuu Mike.

Customisation Features Edit


Character Customization Tablet.

This is the Character Customization Menu, which is originally called the Gacha Club Customization Tablet or GCCT for short. It has many new features, you can now hide body parts! You can see your character's profile details by clicking on LV. 1 when there is a character selected (Android only, PC doesn't work yet).


Character Profile (with the additional details)

This is the new profile of a character in Gacha Club! Here you have a few more features to use, such as selecting the character's favorite character, club and title. And you can also put the name of the Creator of the character! And there are the additional details.

Presets in Club GachaTubersEdit

There are many GachaTubers in this club of the presets, such as:

  • LenTotally
  • Rosy Clozy
  • Hatsumi Rou
  • Sady Shadow and many more!!
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