Theory about m o and moe Edit

m o is a character that appears in "The Orange Striped Room" in Gacha Life. There is not much known about m o. What we do know about her is that she is female, if you pick her as a preset and go to the body editor, you can see that she has been selected as "Girl". M o is corrupted and is a corrupted version of Moe. They have different color schemes. Her background can be found in Studio Mode in BG, page 4. Now, there are 2 of them.


Well, Moe wants to be a magical girl like Senpaibuns and Kat. We think m o is corrupted Moe. There is evidence to support this claim. Moe likes to cherish her memories, so m o might've heard about your character, and her memory of meeting you suddenly sparked. Again, this is just a theory. Alot of people say that Magical Luni is M o.

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